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Civil engineering makes a huge contribution to solving problems in our modern world. More


Case study: Liverpool

What does BAM Nuttall do to minimise its negative impact on a small community that desperately needs flood defences rebuilding?

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Coplands Dock

What does BAM Nuttall do to minimise its negative impact on a small community?

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John HuttonJohn Hutton

John Hutton

Reflections on sustainability and BAM Nuttall by our head of sustainability

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Sustainability insights

Meet our great people

Many of our people go to great lengths to make BAM Nuttall successful and sustainable. Here are a few of them.

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Steve FoxSteve Fox

Steven Fox

BAM Nuttall's CEO on sustainability Watch video

Explore BAM Nuttall's visionExplore BAM Nuttall's vision

Our vision

Discover the eight areas of BAM Nuttall's forward-looking video

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Interactive case study: Kilsyth

See some of the different sustainability initiatives at our Scotland head office Read more

Dilemmas gameDilemmas game

The dilemmas game

How would you fare as the chief executive of a civil engineering company? Find out with our dilemmas game, where your instinct and wisdom get tested to the limit! Read more.

The Energy Challengeenergy challenge

Take the energy challenge!

Your mission is to take a civil engineering company and save as much energy as possible.

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Our Olympic Experience

Our Olympic experience

What did we learn from the experience of building a sustainable Olympics games?

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Case study: RNLIRNLI

Our work for the RNLI

How bigger, faster and better can sometimes be about saving lives

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Women in engineeringWomen in engineering

Women in engineering

How women engineers in BAM Nuttall are helping to bring engineering to life

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Sustainability reportSustainability report

Our sustainability report

Find out how we are performing against some of the key sustainability areas identified as being important to our stakeholders
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